4 Lighting Accessories for Your BMW

When you want that Lightning McQueen look, or when you just want your BMW to stand out like a bolt of lightning, here are some of the best lighting based accessories for your BMW M Series.


Car Door LED Light BMW Logo Projector

Car Door LED Light BMW Logo Projector by Capker



This lighting projector will make your BMW stand out with technology that projects the BMW logo on the ground next to your car. By doing so it also provides light at night and illuminates dark spaces. It is compatible with all BMWs that have a light at the bottom of the door panel shining on the ground.

The projector uses a bright high definition LED chip that projects the logo in high definition, too. You will not be able to see it during the daytime, but the logo is very bright and shiny at night.

The projector gets its power from the car battery. It has the same dimensions as the original door light. Because of the LED light, it consumes very little power and is very energy efficient.

Unlike other lighting projectors, this device does not need a connection wire. All you have to do to install it is remove the previous door light and then plug this projector into the connector.

The package comes as a set of 2 LED lights. This means that if you want the projector to display the logo for all 4 doors, you will need 2 sets of lights.

The company that manufactures this projector offers a satisfaction guarantee and 24-hour service. The projector comes with a 1-year warranty.


iJDMTOY Xenon White LED Trunk Area Light For BMW

iJDMTOY OEM Replacement Xenon White LED Trunk Area Cargo Light Assembly For BMW 3 5 6 7 Series X1 X5


iJDMTOY trunk area cargo light comes in one piece. It has xenon white color. iJDMTOY light is made with 24 LED lights, model 1210-SMID. This light is 3-4 times brighter than the stock light of your BMW. iJDMTOY light has a built-in CAN-bus controller. It is a direct replacement plug-and-play device with no installation required. Once you get the light, you will see plastic teeth on the both sides of the light. Use a screwdriver to gently get the tabs of the old light out, replace the one wire that connects it to power and snap the new light into place.

It replaces the following OEM parts: 63316962044, 63316962039, 63318360588, 63318360112, 63316962040.


iJDMTOY License plate LED lamps

iJDMTOY 24-SMD Error Free LED License Plate Light Lamps For BMW 1 2 3 4 5 Series X3 X4 X5 X6


Just like iJDMTOY trunk area LED light, this set of LED pieces has 24 pieces of 1210 SMD LEDs per bulb and has a built-in CAN-bus controller. These LED lamps are twice as bright compared to the regular BMW plate lights.

iJDMTOY LED lamps have been designed for use with BMW license plate lights. They work without an on-board computer error showing on the dashboard.

This is an easy, inexpensive upgrade that will give your BMW a fresh look. The quality of these lights is really high. They even have plenty of foam sealant in the gasket.


iJDMTOY trunk and hood background lighting kit

iJDMTOY 82mm BMW Trunk Hood Emblem Background Lighting Kit, Red


iJDMTOY BMW trunk and hood background lighting kit comes in ultra blue color and is 82 millimeters in diameter. It has double-sided tape for easy installation. To power this module, you can use the original license plate 12V lamp.

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