6 Things That Will Make Your BMW Much More Convenient to Use

These BMW accessories are all about convenience. When life is tough, make it easier. These accessories will help.

Dual BMW USB Charger

BMW dual USB charger



This BMW tested and approved charger allows you to charge up to two devices simultaneously. The charger only weighs 1.6 ounces and you can use it in any BMW. The BMW logo is engraved in the plastic of the charger. The construction of this charger is superior compared to most chargers because of the pull tab.

Genuine BMW Glasses Case

BMW Genuine Factory OEM 51160422717 Glasses Case


The case mounts to the sun visor or grab handle. It is a very well-made product from BMW. It fits all BMW models. It weighs 8 ounces and its dimensions are 7.2 x 3.2 x 4 inches. The case is sturdy and stylish. It stays attached to the sun visor by using Velcro and you’ll be able to pull it off at any time.

The case may be too small for certain sunglasses, so make sure to check their dimensions to ensure that they will fit into the case.

Genuine BMW iPad-compatible Tablet Holder

BMW Genuine Tablet Holder Compatible with Apple iPad TM iPad 2nd generation


This holder is a great way to use an iPad in your BMW. It provides a quick, safe and secure way to utilize a tablet while using the rear seat of your BMW. It clips into the frame of the holder and rotates 360 degrees.

This holder is not compatible with BMWs that come equipped with factory rear seat entertainment systems. The holder also doesn’t come with a mount. You will need to get a mount for your BMW separately. You can get Velcro mounts that easily attach to headrests and have clips that will attach to the holder.

Genuine BMW Headrest Universal Base (hook not included).

BMW Genuine Base Carrier for Coat Hanger Universal Hook


The base allows for the hook to easily attach to the headrests. It is a required accessory for a genuine BMW coat hanger and certain other devices. The base looks great, has a well-thought design and BMW quality. This base works with the following attachments: hangers for clothes, folding tables, universal hook, iPad holder, GoPro holder, travel, and comfort system.

BMW Travel and Comfort System Folding Table

BMW Travel & Comfort System (Folding Table)

  • http://amzn.to/2lki75U

The table requires BMW universal headrest hook. It is an excellent accessory for those who travel long distances.

This table is very sturdy and is much better built compared to aircraft tables that you may be familiar with. You will be able to fit small laptops, and drinks of different sizes without worrying about them spilling. If you have children, they can use this table for snacks or crafts and as a stand for iPads and other tablets.

The system is height-adjustable. You will also be able to adjust the distance between the system and the back of the front seat.

The table has an anti-grip surface to protect the items from moving.

Universal BMW 10 Piece Leather Seat Cushion Cover

Sunluway® 2015 Universal 10PCS Full Set Needlework PU leather Front Rear Car Seat Cushion Cover For BMW 1 3 5 7


This cushion cover fits all BMWs with 5 seats. It provides a quick and convenient way to change the look of your BMW, to protect new seats and to disguise old ones.

You can clean the leather with water and they dry it. The package includes 10 pieces: 2 headrests, 2 waist pillows, 2 rear armrests, 1 long cushion, 1 front seat cushion and 2 rear backrests.

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