BMW M2 Goes Crazy on the Nurburgring Race Track

The BMW M2 is still being seen on the Nurburgring, testing for its final launch later this year. We got some video of the M2 in action.

BMW M2 on Nurburgring race track

BMW M2 on Nurburgring race track
The BMW M2 is continuing its testing on the famousĀ BMW M2 on Nurburgring race track, as it gets ready for its official launch later this year. We have new video of the BMW M2 as it takes on the famous race track. In this video you can hear how the BMW M2 sounds as it roars across the track.

The BMW M2 uses an updated N55 engine that will produce 365 hp and 343 lb-ft of torque with a special 25 lb-ft of torque over boost feature.

BMW M2 for Sale Soon

The BMW M2 should be almost done with its test runs this summer as it gets ready for a sale date for Q4 2015. It is estimated that the BMW M2 will be for sale in November 2015 in the USA. So we will probably start seeing the BMW M2 on the roads without disguise very shortly – we can’t wait! Pricing should be in the 50k USD range for the base model and raise quickly with costly BMW options. We’ll be back with full details as soon as we get them. Always come to BMW M2 Forums to find the latest news and pictures on the BMW M2.

Now here is the BMW M2 on the track, kicking it up. Enjoy guys.

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