BMW M2 Specs

2016 BMW m2 Coupe

Early specs and news on the BMW M2 Coupe

The BMW M2 Specs: This is the smallest BMW to wear the famed ‘M’ badge. It will be the successor to the beloved 1-series M Coup and will be an early gateway to BMW M buyers since the BMW M3/M4 are now starting at $60,000 USD without options. This car will be the standard BMW M235 with upgraded brakes, suspension and upgraded N55 engine producing 365 hp and 343-lb-ft of torque. The body will also get the M treatment with flared fenders, aggressive front damper and double tip exhausts in the back.

The BMW M2 will be important because it will be shorter and lighter then the current BMW M3/M4 generation and more importantly be more agile then its bigger brother. But also the competition are coming out with sporty cars that the demographic will also aspire to buy including the Mercedes-Benz CLA45, Audi RS3 and the Cadillac ATS-V.

BMW M2 Price: The BMW M2 will be priced below the current BMW M3/M4 and start about $55,000.00 USD, which would split the difference between the 2014 M235i Coupe and the $65,125 BMW M4. But be warned – BMW has expensive options and the cost of the car may easily hit over $60,000 USD which may be a problem since this was suppose to be the gateway car for M buyers.

BMW M2 Release Date: The BMW M2 release date should be in November 2015 as a early 2016 car. According to leaked info on 2addicts, the BMW M2 will soon be in the ordering system of your local BMW dealership and first deliveries will come in November of 2015.

2016 BMW m2 Coupe

2016 BMW m2 Coupe

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