Hear the Exhaust of the new BMW M2

Hear the roar of the new BMW M2

BMW M2 exhaust

People are on the look out for the new BMW M2 Coupe. 1 lucky fan in Germany found a BMW M2 up and close and was able to capture not only pictures but a video of the exhaust.

So far we like what we like what we hear about, what you guys think?

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BMW M2 Spotted at Laguna Seca Racetrack

The BMW M2 has been spotted at the famed Laguna Seca track in California

BMW M2 testing at Laguna Seca

The BMW M2 has been sited in the USA. This time at the famed Laguna Seca racetrack in Southern California. The BMW M2 was partially camouflage but was red. It had all the exterior goodies including the flared fenders and twin dual exhausts in the back.

According to witnesses, the car sounded really good as it raced down the track. The 2016 BMW M2 will use a turbo inline-6 engine producing 365 hp and 343 lb-ft of torque. Suspension and wheel setup should be carried over from the BWM M3/M4.

With the BMW M2 now sighted in the USA, its only a matter of time that we see it totally unveiled and in its true state.


BMW M2 testing at Laguna Seca


Latest BMW M2 Spy Photos

The latest spy photos of the BMW M2 – shape is coming out

BMW M2 for sale

The BMW M2 was recently spied on the track again and we now have better photos of what the BMW M2 is going to look like. Even though the BMW M2 has camouflage on the car, you can see the shape of the car especially its beautiful flared fenders in the front and the back. The BMW M2 will not be coming with a power dome like the BMW M3/M4, but the back fender is going to be more curvy like the M3, then bubble-like on the M4. We call that progress.

The front dam has some special wings, and will be a different take then the current generation of M3/M4/M5 and M6. The front also has a flared fender, which will cover a similar suspension set-up like the BMW M3. Wheels should be similar to the M3/M4, with 19-inch wheels as standard.

For the back, the BMW M2 will carry dual tail-pipes on each side, which is now standard design language for the BMW M cars. A tiny rear spoiler strip is on the truck and the rear flared fenders are more pronounced then what you see on the BWM M235i. Overall it looks mean, low and menacing.

BMW M2 for sale

BMW M2 For Sale Soon

The BMW M2 will be for sale coming end of 2015 and should be in the USA starting in November 2015. The BMW M2 will be slotted just below the BMW M3/M4 in terms of performance and power and start at $55,000 USD. Talk to your local BMW dealer to see when you can place a deposit for the car and order one soon.

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BMW M2 for Sale

The BMW M2 is now officially for sale

The BMW M2 Coupe (F87) is now officially for sale as it now appears in U.S. BMW dealer computers and more information shows that the BMW M2 coupe will start its production run much sooner then expected.

Earlier reports showed that production for the M2 would begin in November 2015 for the Europe market and in March 2016 for the US market. But now this internal build sheet is now showing that production for the US market will begin in November 2015 also.

BMW M2 release date

[Image Via Bimmerpost]

BMW M2 Specs

All the early specs on the BMW M2

2016 BMW m2 Coupe

Early specs and news on the BMW M2 Coupe

The BMW M2 Specs: This is the smallest BMW to wear the famed ‘M’ badge. It will be the successor to the beloved 1-series M Coup and will be an early gateway to BMW M buyers since the BMW M3/M4 are now starting at $60,000 USD without options. This car will be the standard BMW M235 with upgraded brakes, suspension and upgraded N55 engine producing 365 hp and 343-lb-ft of torque. The body will also get the M treatment with flared fenders, aggressive front damper and double tip exhausts in the back.

The BMW M2 will be important because it will be shorter and lighter then the current BMW M3/M4 generation and more importantly be more agile then its bigger brother. But also the competition are coming out with sporty cars that the demographic will also aspire to buy including the Mercedes-Benz CLA45, Audi RS3 and the Cadillac ATS-V.

BMW M2 Price: The BMW M2 will be priced below the current BMW M3/M4 and start about $55,000.00 USD, which would split the difference between the 2014 M235i Coupe and the $65,125 BMW M4. But be warned – BMW has expensive options and the cost of the car may easily hit over $60,000 USD which may be a problem since this was suppose to be the gateway car for M buyers.

BMW M2 Release Date: The BMW M2 release date should be in November 2015 as a early 2016 car. According to leaked info on 2addicts, the BMW M2 will soon be in the ordering system of your local BMW dealership and first deliveries will come in November of 2015.

2016 BMW m2 Coupe

2016 BMW m2 Coupe

BMW M2 vs BMW M4 – Which One to Buy?

Which BMW M car should you buy – the BMW M2 or the BMW M3/M4?

BMW M2 vs BMW M3 M4

Everyone seems to be thinking it, so we’ll just going to ask: Is the BMW M2 better then the BMW M4? Its sort of the classic BMW M2 vs BMW M4 standoff.

Many people aren’t that thrilled with the current F80 BMW M3/M4. Pick your reasoning – fake exhaust sound pumped into the cabin, turbo-charged inline-6 engine, name change (hello M4?), bigger footprint. The last one is what we go with – we just think the current generation BMW M3/M4 is just too big. No matter if BMW made the weight the same as the previous generation E90 M3, its still to much weight for a sporty car.

Considering that the current BMW M235 is considered the best driving car by some, and the BMW M2 will use it as a foundation, many are excited. With the reports of the hp being at 365hp, we know thats going to be pretty for the smaller car. If rumors are correct and BMW adds some weight-saving technology to the BMW M2 like they did the BMW M3/M4, then you are talking about a car that will be close to the power-to-weight ratio of the BMW m3/M4 but in-compassed into a smaller footprint car. Just shave 100 lbs BMW and we are in business. This is what people are looking for.

The M2 will realistically be more fun to drive and more manageable on the road as well. Just look at the rave reviews Mazda is getting with the new Miata. They made the new Miata the same size and weight as the original Miata that was released 20 years ago. That is amazing and if BMW can take one thing from Mazda, it would be to go smaller but the same level of power.

Will the BMW M2 be the driver’s car we are waiting for from BWM? If they reduce the weight, and come with the reported HP and torque in the leaked reports we would save our money for the 2016 BMW M2 and say thats the best driving BMW M car available today.

Yes, we’ll leaning to the BMW M2.

BMW M2 Will Come with 356 HP

The cat is out of the bag on how much HP the BMW M2 will produce


So the BMW M2 specs have leaked out on the 2016 BMW M2 and if you guessed 365 HP for the turbocharged engine, you guessed right. While not all details have been released, 2Addicts forum did cite a source that the car will come out with 365 Hp and 343 lb-ft of torque. The power will come from the N55 3.0 liter turbo inline-6 engine that is common to most BMWs.

The post also mentioned that the engine may feature an overboost function that will add 25 lbs-ft in the low to mid range RPMs, just like the predecessor BMW 1M did.

Hang out as more news comes out.

BMW M2 Launches with 4 Colors

The color options available for the 2016 BMW M2

2016 BMW M2

Newly leaked reports has now provided with the color options available to the 2016 BMW M2. As mentioned in BMW M2 Forums, the BMW M2 will come with 365 HP and 343 lb-ft of torque. Now we have learned that the car will be available with the following colors:

  • Long Beach Blue
  • Alpine White
  • Mineral Grey
  • Black Sapphire

BMW M2 will enter production in November, so start thinking of your color before you place in your order.

[Image source: Bimmerpost]