Latest BMW M2 Spy Photos

The latest spy photos of the BMW M2 – shape is coming out

BMW M2 for sale

BMW M2 for sale

The BMW M2 was recently spied on the track again and we now have better photos of what the BMW M2 is going to look like. Even though the BMW M2 has camouflage on the car, you can see the shape of the car especially its beautiful flared fenders in the front and the back. The BMW M2 will not be coming with a power dome like the BMW M3/M4, but the back fender is going to be more curvy like the M3, then bubble-like on the M4. We call that progress.

The front dam has some special wings, and will be a different take then the current generation of M3/M4/M5 and M6. The front also has a flared fender, which will cover a similar suspension set-up like the BMW M3. Wheels should be similar to the M3/M4, with 19-inch wheels as standard.

For the back, the BMW M2 will carry dual tail-pipes on each side, which is now standard design language for the BMW M cars. A tiny rear spoiler strip is on the truck and the rear flared fenders are more pronounced then what you see on the BWM M235i. Overall it looks mean, low and menacing.

BMW M2 for sale

BMW M2 For Sale Soon

The BMW M2 will be for sale coming end of 2015 and should be in the USA starting in November 2015. The BMW M2 will be slotted just below the BMW M3/M4 in terms of performance and power and start at $55,000 USD. Talk to your local BMW dealer to see when you can place a deposit for the car and order one soon.

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